November 11th, 2008

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Надеюсь, самореклама не запрещена правилами сообщества

Gogol's Revizor (The Government Inspector) in Cambridge

Following the incredible success of the opening night last summer the
unfading comedy by Nikolai Gogol is coming back on stage played by the
children from Russian Young Actors Theatre (the RYAT). The play is dynamic,
musical and, with its humorous insight into the ever-so-shady world of a
Russian provincial town, scarily modern. Lavrentieva's clever directing
makes the action as visual as it is verbal and, coupled with an English
synopsis provided in the programme, will make it an enjoyable experience
for Russian and non-Russian speakers alike. If you ask the teenage actors
what cross-cultural communication is they wouldn't know. Bilingual and
bicultural, they embrace the best of both worlds and hardly ever realise it
– they are simply having too much fun for that!

'Just to say how much I enjoyed this evening's entertainment. I am, of
course, glad I had read the play before as I couldn't understand the
language. However, the children all acted so well that I never once was
confused; I managed to recognise each character as they appeared. It
was such a joy to see so much enthusiasm and energy from those taking
part - it was most infectious and so much FUN!!!' - Non-Russian speaking

Saturday 15th November 2008
Coleridge Community College, Radegund Road, Cambridge CB1 3RF,0.1518|16|4&bd=useful_information&loc=GB:52.19276:0.1518:16|CB1%203RJ|CB1%203RJ

£5.00 - full price
£3.00 - concessions
(available on the door)
Christine de Pisan

плита и клавиатура

1) Полетела духовка в встроенной плите.  Есть ли способы ее сменить так, чтобы не пришлось заодно менять всю кухню? И куда бежать?
2) Где бы  в Лондоне купить наклеечки с русскими буквами?